Our Story


For years during the proliferation of tourism in Mexican beach destinations like Puerto Vallarta the beer scene was completely dominated by smooth drinking Mexican lagers. As demonstrated by every Corona commercial ever this is great for sitting on a beach. To this day many tourists think of a “local” Mexican beers as Corona, Pacifico, or Dos Equis XX.

But as a growing number of beer drinkers are pushing craft tastes into the mainstream these standard macro beers definitely leave many connoisseurs wanting more. Upon relocating full time to Puerto Vallarta, the founders of Los Muertos could not have agreed more. Driven by the thirst for flavorful varieties of beer, bringing Vallarta its first craft brewery became their dream.


While homebrewing for more than 15 years had instilled some good brewing basics for the would be Los Muertos head brewer, he had a glaring lack of commercial experience. Securing an apprenticeship at Coopersmith’s pub in the northern Colorado town of Fort Collins was truly step one to making the brewery a reality.

After that, a team of local steel welders, an excavation crew to build a basement beneath an existing building, and some creative brewhouse design, got Los Muertos Brewing Company of the ground. The brewery proudly opened it’s doors to eager customers November 2nd, 2012. A day known throughout Mexico as “Día de los Muertos”.


While Mexico is a large country with many diverse micro climates, none are very well suited for the production of malts or hops. So our ingredients generally speaking are imported from the United States and Germany. Which means we’re using the same ingredients as your local brewpub regardless of where it is.

The biggest difference we’ve found in brewing in Mexico is our ground water isn’t cold like it is for our northern counterparts. So cooling boiling wort to fermentation temperatures is the trickiest part of our process.

Zona Romantica: 322-222-0308

Fran. Villa: 322-225-0416